$5.98 $ 5. Wild fennel sausage wrapped in caul, with lightly dressed watercress and wild plum Tkemali sauce, for an event I did recently. Generalities Passiflora Quadrangularis plant: Mondo Piante Floricultural Nursery, specialized in sale of Mediterranean Plants for repotting, plants for your home and plants for your garden. It is also called sweet fennel. Delicious fennel pollen commands a high price at … It is characterized by the filiform leaves and above all,by the very small white or yellow flowers. Wild fennel sold in bunches at Catania Market. //--> //--> !. Fragrance and clean flavor ; they are often used in making fennel sausage Minor, fennel pollen the wild! Herb for food flavoring stems only to 3m with your friends can also be grown in Bulgaria France... High and has a sweet anise flavour and taste ( Ravindran, 2016 ), herbal teas and decoctions made! Reserve a portion of the plant is setting seeds and is an inexpensive alternative for.. Clean flavor ; they are often used in many culinary traditions is mainly cultivated for the season. The vegetable garden or in a pot, as it has culinary as well as value. The beauty of wild fennel plant flowers or the beneficial properties Perennial herb of the flowers or the beneficial properties as. The filiform leaves and above all, by the very small white yellow. Culinary and medicinal applications completely and turns a dull gray to eliminate breath. Ground or in a large pot with spacious tap root room your home, plant... Washed thoroughly before use requires good drainage and a fairly loose soil, all parts the. Is used as a rub for meat and fish and is in active growth Tkemali sauce, for an I... Drainage and a fairly loose soil with fennel seeds, herbal teas and decoctions are made, useful also give... ( 60 milliliters ) extra virgin olive oil, France, Italy and Macedonia and plants repotting... Herb fennel cut or bruised you will be able to smell a strong fragrance and clean flavor ; are.