The redwood tree holds the record of the world’s tallest tree soaring up to 350 ft. It stands 241 ft (73m) tall and has a ground circumference of 93 ft (28m). Wind-Swept Trees In New Zealand. I hope you guys enjoyed reading about the Top 10 Christmas trees around the world, which attract a large number of people every year during the festive season.So, stop reading pack your bags! They have an average lifespan of 600 years. The country has designated this long stretch of bamboo forest as a historic site. Larger Rhododendrons can eventually grow up to 10-15m or even taller. Top 10 Most Famous Trees in Asia Trees hold enormous cultural and historical significance across many Asian countries, not least for their prevalence in mythology. It is native to Central and South America. Apart from hoping the best out of advantages from trees for humans and other organisms, they even look amazing to keep staring for life. Check out these amazing trees around the world! 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Silk Cotton Trees Most famously found in the Cambodian ruins of Ta Prohm, Silk Cotton Trees don’t dazzle with their branches, but rather with their huge, twisting root structures made up of long, wavy, narrow planks that cut into the earth forming flanged walls at the base. 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The water garden of Villandry is an ideal place for relaxation. Hey Pandas, What Are Tiny Things That Could Make The World Better? The name originated because of its dark red raisin which is also known as dragon’s blood. It is native to tropical and sub-tropical regions of Indian subcontinent. A place is just a place until and unless it has beautiful surroundings, and apart from the trees, no other thing can play that role better to make a place beautiful. These are one of the most visited Most Beautiful Forests In The World. Today we are going to share Top 10 Most Beautiful Trees in the World – they’re just so wonderful to look at, Here’s one more reason: some of them look downright amazing #1. Tweet. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. 16 Of The Most Magnificent Trees In The World | Bored Panda List of Top 10 Most Beautiful Trees in the World. Cannonball trees are very attractive to bees, even though the flowers lack nectar. You are absolutely right WilliamKelley! The following are top 10 most interesting and most demanded trees of the world: 10. October 14, 2014. August 9, 2014. Here are 18 of the most beautiful trees in the world. Cherry blossom is the national flower of Japan. In Himachal Pradesh (India), Rhododendron flowers have even been used to prepare fruit and flower wines. We have come up with a fair list of 10 most beautiful trees in the world, which seems to be liked chiseled to personify beauty. These trees are on Earth from last 60 million years. They are original native of East Asia. Bored Panda works better on our iPhone app. It is the third largest giant sequoia in the world (second if you count its branches in addition to its trunk). These are weather dependent and lasts for about a month every spring. Strong, ancient and beautiful. The Agency for Cultural Affairs declared this place as the ‘place of scenic beauty’. Here’s the list of top 10 flowering trees of India: 1. The beautiful pink and white blossom open at the end of March or beginning of April. Blue Jacaranda. (Image credits: Daniela Duncan), The flamboyant tree is endemic to Madagascar, but it grows in tropical areas around the world. It has also been introduced to most tropical and sub-tropical regions. Tall bamboo trees surround the road stunningly keeping the area cool. The Sequoia forests have the world’s largest trees and is said to be over 2000 years old. Rhododendrons have the ability to self-propagate as well. Most beautiful wisteria tree in the world Wisteria is a genus of flowering plants in the pea family, Fabaceae, that includes ten species of woody climbing bines native to the Eastern United States and to China, Korea, and Japan. Let me count the ways; you change carbon dioxide into the oxygen we breathe, you sequester carbon, and you provide shelter for countless critters. To see more tunnels like this one, click here. Though the dragon blood tree is highly widespread, human activities have greatly reduced the regeneration due to overgrazing. We have sent an email to the address you provided with an activation link. The 500 m long path runs through the most beautiful bamboo forest. We're asking people to rethink comments that seem similar to others that have been reported or downvoted, By using our services you agree to our use of cookies to improve your visit. This beautiful tree tunnel is located in the German city of Bonn. Check out the 12 most beautiful trees in the world. Read more about it here. (Image credits: Michael Nichols), The rainbow eucalyptus, which grows throughout the South Pacific, is both useful and beautiful. The list of beautiful trees is endless. Read Top 10 Amazing Trees to discover some of the oldest and most fascinating trees that have graced the landscape for thousands of years. 10 Most Beautiful Natural Lakes of the World. 125+ Year Old Rhododendron “Tree” In Canada. This tree’s unusual shape helps in surviving in arid conditions with low amount of soil. August 31, 2014. Maple is treated as a common symbol of strength and endurance. They look beautiful, they fit in your house, they encourage patience and dedication, they relieve stress, and they help to purify the air. Top 10: Greatest Bonsai trees Though growing Bonsai trees is a hobby practiced by many people around the world, its Asian origin is still obvious. (Image credits: Adas Meliauskas), The Angel Oak in South Carolina stands 66.5 ft (20 m) tall and is estimated to be more than 1400 or 1500 years old. This lazy panda forgot to write something about itself. Rhorodendron Tree, Canada. 6 Shares. … It is prized for both the colorful patches left by its shedding bark and for its pulpwood, which is used to make paper. This stunning tree draws millions of people to admire it. Read more about it here. From flowering trees, to thorny trees, to rainbow trees – they are all pretty magnificent and tend to amplify any environment they are in. Maple trees are of Genus Acer Family and exhibit many variants. The largest Banyan tree is in Howrah (India) which stands 82 ft. tall and the canopy cover is around 1377 ft. with over 2000 aerial roots. Top 25 Most Beautiful Flowering Trees of India Here is the list of most famous flowering trees in India along with few more common flowering trees that also include Lagerstroemia, Bauhinia purpurea, Caesalpinia sappan, Cassia javanic and Mimusops elengi. List of Most Beautiful Trees in The World 1. #4Trees twisted by strong winds, New Zealand #5.A Japanese maple tree, Oregon, USA Live oak wood is very hard and heavy, and their trunks were used during the days of wooden ships. Cassia fistula (The Indian laburnum): Also known as the golden shower, this is the most iconic cassia of India. There is no creator, no one designed such beauty, they just are. Bored Panda works best if you switch to our Android app. It has several medicinal uses like treating hyper tensions, tumors and wounds, and even has religious significance in places like India, Sri Lanka and Southeast Asia. Top 10 Ways to Enjoy School Holidays. Fight boredom with iPhones and iPads here. This video shows Top 10 Most Beautiful Christmas Trees in the World. 144-Year-Old Wisteria In Japan. See also; Top 10 Most Amazing Tree Tunnels. No one designed these beauties, on one created them, they are simply the marvels of nature. This garden is surrounded by lime trees. While you are thinking to plant tree saplings, let’s take a quick glance at our top 10 most beautiful trees in the world. Most maples grow to a height of 10-45m. Posted on April 25, 2018. Cannonball tree is also cultivated at various other tropical areas across the world. You can find out more about it here. It is very fast growing and can grow in poor quality soils as well. The tree is 275 feet tall and has been estimated to be more than 2.5 million pounds. (Image credits: Seabird Nz), The antarctic beech is native to Chile and Argentina, though this specimen is from the U.S.’ North Pacific region. There’s nothing more charming than … Google Announces Android 11 Go Edition with new features, Is an ice machine a worthy addition to your office break room, Top 16 Most Beautiful Women In The World 2018, Aladdin 2019 : How is Disney’s New Aladdin Different than Original. 10. The President tree located in Sequoia National Park in California. It is one of the best initiatives to keep the green cover on Earth. In China, its blue flowers are used to prepare dyes. Cherry trees grow quickly, however, they don’t last very long. One of the oldest Wisteria can be found in Japan which is close to 150 years old. As per scientists, a fully grown redwood can hold more than 30,000 pounds of water. These are extensively used as ornamental plants because of their size, structure and flowers. Maple Tree. 10. A 125-year-old rhododendron, Canada #2.A 144-year-old wisteria, Japan #3. You can read more about it and change your preferences, Get the best of Bored Panda in your inbox. 1. Cherry blossom trees look delicate and you yourself can grow, provided you have a location with full sunlight well-drained soil. Amelanchier trees are a beautiful addition to any small garden and are most often grown for their showy white flowers in spring. 10. More than 300 tropical species of this tree are widely distributed from North America to Europe, Russia and Asia, and from Greenland to Australia. Out of those, Japanese maple are one of the most beautiful trees in the world. Some are not exactly trees, others are common in our everyday life, but the important thing is that they are amazing, exotic and some of them – almost unknown. brock. Mature plants can survive in colder climates down to -7 degrees. These trees have seen a lot of history and become celebrities themselves in the process. They are evergreen conifers and can grow up to 22 ft. in diameter. Angel Oak List of Most Beautiful Trees in The World. 3. The Angel Oak in South Carolina (USA), estimated to be 400-500 years old, stands 20m tall and produces shade that covers 17,200 square feet. Lahaina Banyan Tree Melikamp /wikicommons A massive quarter of a mile in circumference and standing over 60 feet high, this tree stands in the courthouse square of downtown Lahaina, Hawaii. The squares, Town Halls and shopping centers become shimmering places, filled with the Christmas spirit. Usually, Southern live oak trees hug the coastline and is rarely found more than 300 ft. above the sea level. How do I love thee, tree? We respect your privacy. In Japan, cherry blossoms are called ‘sakura’. I love trees that God painted so many great colors. 1,400+ Year-Old Chinese Ginkgo Not surprisingly, the most impressive trees are to be found in collections of famous Japanese masters. Stunning. Creating an account means you agree with Bored Panda's, We and our trusted partners use technology such as cookies on our site to personalize content and ads, provide, social media features, and analyze our traffic. 10. It is the third largest giant sequoia in the world. Like what you're reading? This is one of the most beautiful trees in the world. So once you step outside and take a breath of fresh air, hug the nearest pretty tree and say thank you! (Image credits: reddit), At 1,990 square meters (about half an acre), this huge wisteria is the largest of its kind in Japan. No God! Just ask Mr Miyagi. ... common trees nature top 10 Top 10 List top lists Top Ten top ten list trees. The Bored Panda iOS app is live! Top 10 Longest American Bridges. We will not publish or share your email address in any way. First of all, it’s a flower of any trees from the genus of ‘prunus’. Fleming’s Top10 Trees makes choosing the right tree easy. THEY DID NOT JUST APPEAR ONE DAY. There are many things in the world which exist naturally, but people can also work for them. They renew our air supply by soaking up carbon dioxide and producing oxygen. The Banyan Tree was adopted as national tree of India in 1950. The most popular one is the Japanese cherry trees. Sometimes when you look at the landscapes around you - especially if you visit a remote place - they seem to have been copied from the pages of a fantasy book. The hollow Christmas Tree in the shopping mall houses a smaller tree inside of it. Here are some of the most beautiful trees in the world. Subscribe to our top stories. Share 6. It has a huge medicinal value as well. NextRankers is an online news magazine and website where one can be assured of refreshing news with the most trustworthy content right from the source. With a 40.4% Christian population, Lebanon has certainly made it to the big league of the most beautiful Christmas trees of all times. Dragon blood tree has a unique appearance and looks like a shape of an uprightly held umbrella. Coronavirus Vaccine Latest Update: When Will We Have One? Granted, not all of these amazing, beautiful trees are trees (the Wisteria is a vine, Rhododendrons are shrubs, and bamboo technically belongs to the grass family), but we’ll give them a pass because they are amazing, huge and beautiful. You can change your preferences. (Image credits: Salete T Silva), The dragonblood tree earned its fearsome name due to its crimson red sap, which is used as a dye and was used as a violin varnish, an alchemical ignredient, and a folk remedy for various ailments. Japanese Maple Tree Japanese maple trees add elegance and beauty in all seasons. Top 10 Most Beautiful Roses In The World. Jbeil Christmas tree, Byblos, Lebanon Illumination ceremony of the Christmas tree in Byblos 2015. Hence this is a top 10 Most Stunning Trees in the World! I love nature, particularly because it just happens. Get the latest inspiring stories via our awesome iOS app! Cherry blossoms symbolize the arrival of Spring, the season of flowers. 0. Understanding evolution will help you understand why these trees adapted the way they did and why they have colors the way htey do. Subscribe to our top stories. Holidays are coming and cities around the world get the most beautiful Christmas Trees.