Make booking easy for your customers and clients with a straightforward, clean online accommodation booking form. Harbourside Apartments, McMahons Point: "We are booked. For our guide on how to book a venue, we’ve boiled this process down to its most important components, so read on! Whether you’re looking for hotels, homes, or vacation rentals, you’ll always find the guaranteed best price. If its things such as whether your guests are allowed confetti or do they have a cake stand/knife you can use or arrange chair covers these can obviously wait until nearer your date. I'm going to give our wedding planner a call tomorrow and arrange a meeting and I will take a long list of questions I have. Re: Booking a venue.... How does it work oh dear, really these are all things you should have asked before handing over any money. Differences Between Concert Promoters, Bookers, and Agents, These Tips Can Help You Get a Booking Agent for Your Band, Here's What You Need to Do If Your Band Has to Cancel a Gig, A Step by Step Guide on How Musicians Can Book Gigs and Concerts, Learn the 5 Things Not to Do When Your Band Plays Live, Learn What the Term Backline Means in the Music Business, Here Are Some Tips on Booking and Etiquette of Being an Opening Band, Use This Checklist to Help Promote Your Next Concert, How to Get Your Band Booked for a Music Festival, Learn What It Takes to be a Music Promoter and What the Duties Are, Some Insights Into How to Make Money in the Music Business, Marketing (running ads and printing posters as appropriate), Making sure everything is ready like tickets and sound/tech requirements. Booking and promoting concerts involves a lot of moving parts, so it's pretty easy for confusion to enter the picture. I went to the venue with my mum to have afternoon tea and as we was having a look around a lady very kindly offered to answer a few questions. Make sure you understand the set-up any time you book. These are crucial factors to consider when considering the location of a venue. I have had to do all of our venue booking by email because we're getting married abroad (we haven't even visited, but know people who have so we're fine with it). They may have a bare minimum that you have to meet or they may require a certain number of ticket pre-sales or they may have some other financial guideline you have to satisfy. Well the issue of exclusivity is something you really should have asked before you signed a contract. Sometimes, when you ask for complimentary offers, the event venue does provide some freebie. In fact, it's in such … 2. if the questions arent asked but the contracts are signed there is really nothing you can do. considerably and am assured that this is the venue for me. Regarding room set up, they will be able to tell you if you ask. They we very welcoming, informative and helpful. Venue. Or are we on the right lines? I prefer email as its b/w so you know exactly whats been committed. For instance, a promoter might offer a flat rate for a show or they may offer a door split deal in which they pay the musician a percentage of the ticket sales money after the costs associated with the show are met. We Oh dear, really these are all things you should have asked before handing over any money. We visited the venue four times in total. and iron out some issues with pricing, options and Negotiation of rental termsC. BOOK VENUE. Not only does the venue have to be the right size, have the right facilities and suit the purpose but it also has to look and feel right. Sorry I didn't make that clear. Unless you don't mind other weddings happening on the same day, in which case there's no problem. Complete Your Venue Search Faster with the Best Online Venue Finder Tools: 1. I dont mean to gatecrash your thread MrsGarwood2b, but now that your head is slightly clearer, mine is slightly less... . Booking an event venue. They may include your name in their standing run of advertising and monthly calendar things, but the onus for promoting the show—and meeting the venue's financial requirements—falls on you. We visited our venue 3 times before signing anything and paying the deposit, each time I had new questions for them which they were always happy to answer and a lot of the questions were asked several different times from different people to make sure i got the same answers.