Placing the ball position outside your left foot (for right handed golfers) is … This solution – however temporary it is – can also be helpful whenever you have specific clubs with which you tend to hit pushes. But lots of golfers tend to aim right. How To Drive A Golf Ball Straight Every Time. GIFT CARD . Indeed, balls that are lying below your feet which happen when you are standing on a sidehill will naturally leave the clubface open at impact and will send the ball right of the target. Get the right position every time you step up to the tee, and see if you get better drives. Sale price Price $10.00 Regular price $10.00. These balls are hard; they don’t feel as great at impact. As when its windy, the high spin will be intensified in the wind. If you are left-handed, stand to the right of the ball with your right shoulder pointed towards the target. It wasnt windy. It's primarily a 31 page eBook that teaches golfers how to make solid contact with the ball, how to avoid hitting fat, how to avoid slicing, how get more power, accuracy, and consistency in your swing. It’s simple sidespin that is causing the golf ball to curve. He is probably hitting the ball off the toe (outside end) of the club. And because the ball shoots right of the target, it most likely means the clubface was open at impact, that it was aiming right of the target. More on: Locking the right knee at the top of the swing. Are you hitting a lot of golf shots that start out right of your target line and continue on a straight path (no curving in flight), landing well right of your intended target? We've all hit them. WARNING: I do not advocate for the hyper-adjustable drivers on the market. Use left/right arrows to navigate the slideshow or swipe left/right if using a mobile device. In fact, this was listed by the ... You may be wondering why it is so difficult for you to hit the ball straight, especially with your driver. Tee the ball high. Should The Driver Ball Position Be Outside Your Left Foot? How much knee flex should you have at address? A push hook occurs when you close the face. Ball position isn’t what you think. That gives me a huge advantage in carrying hazards, flying it over trees and holding greens. It’s the golf ball spinning to the right (after it hits your golf club) that is causing the golf ball to turn to the right. Let’s look at it based on an actual shot you may hit: you use your Driver and hit a shot. For example, if you had a golfer with a driver swing speed of 100 mph, but with very efficient impact conditions, they could hit the ball farther than someone who swung inefficiently at 110 mph. Indeed, holding on to your club too tightly with your hands can restrict the release of the clubface at impact, leaving it open to the target and making a push a possibility. Apr 19, 2020 - This Pin was discovered by Golf Cake Ideas. If you have a steep swing arc, especially with your driver, this can cause you to hit underneath the ball, take a divot, and hit your ball … Heavy 5 Best Golf Balls For Distance & Accuracy Share on ... having the right golf ball is crucial to enhancing your game. Place your golf bag against your back leg. your own Pins on Pinterest When I hit a drive my ball starts out straight but then fades off to the right and I am losing some distance. Let’s look at it based on an actual shot you may hit: you use your Driver and hit a shot. Right-Hander Hitting It Right But On a Straight Line is Hitting a Push, Left-Hander Hitting It Right But On a Straight Line is Hitting a Pull, How to Fix Golf Shots Going on a Straight Line, but to the Left, Golf Shots That Curve Right During Flight, Mishit Tip Sheets: Fixing Common Faults in Golf, The Pull (or Pulled Shot) in Golf and What Causes It, 5 Key Swing Checks When You Need to Fix Your Golf Slice, What Is a Slice in Golf? Teeing the Ball Too High. We all know them. To align correctly to the target, your feet, hips and shoulders should be parallel to your target line which is the line from the ball to the target. It is in effect a straight shot that misses right of the target. More spin control from 100 yards . Simply focus on keeping the flex set in that knee at address constant throughout the swing, and most importantly keep it from locking up at the top of the swing. It is still possible that none of the previous reasons are to blame for your pushing shot issues. 6 Reasons You Are Pushing The Golf Ball. A golf shot (for a right-handed golfer) where the ball slowly moves right to left. Only then will you be able to get rid of your pushed shots.