For a detailed recipe, do visit our blog site Chapters: ========= … Great to know that the cutlets came out well for you :) Thank you so much for trying the recipes and also for the comment. hey Maria As I mentioned in the mail, you can make around 10-15 cutlets approx depending on the size of the cutlet. Looks like you deserve another testimonial. I had tried them earlier as aplain snack also.My family members enjoyed it thoroughly. this dish looks so tempting!! … But I guess you can . But I feel the chicken was not cooked enough.Can you explain to me how loong do I need to keep the chicken(half kg) for boiling with pepper and salt? In fact, baking was something I thought I will never try out. Happy to know that you liked the cutlets :). 2. My husband was amazed to see that I made a beeeeeeeeeeeef cutlet he was like wow!…and yes now I am finally in to his good book:). Once … Hope this helps…. Trying it today Learn more about MariasMenu, Maria & Jose…. We are going to try your cutlets this evening. Hi Soly, I’ve heard about Asian school, some of our friend’s kids study there.. hi Maria, I am a newbee in cooking still I tried the receipe.:). I am expert making meat & fish but chicken I wasnt confident. bye for now, I need to check with Amma about the family name :). Heat oil … I think growing up and seeing my mom make Kerala food was so intimidating that I felt that I would never be able to even come close to making the food taste good. Keep it closed till pressure drops. hi Maria, Hope you understand. Thanks Minju :) Good to know that you liked the cutlets. I think to get that consistency, you need to shred the beef with your hands. Cool down completely. * can the beef be cooked in the pressure cookie? However, we Malayalees, irrespective of our communities, are super proud of our beef fry! Hello,  Btw I love your blog and have tried out several recipes, thank you! Great to know that you liked the site layout, it was done by my husband. Thanks a ton Harsha for your wonderful comment! I might take up your offer on pastry recipes :) What’s your shop name in Qatar and what’s your best selling pastry? Thank you! Coconut oil – 2 tbsp 3. Hi Maria, I tried out the chicken cutlets as a filling for burgers & they came out excellent! Thanks for posting in a simple way. Hi Maria, NOTE - One cup = 250 ml, one tablespoon = 15 ml, one teaspoon = 5 ml. Always welcome :), Can you make and send for us to taste??!!?? Now add in the garam masala and saute for a minute. Hi Maria, Hope you get to try it soon and like it too. Thanks for sharing your tip here :) Nice to know that you like the recipes here, thanks. I’m happy to know that the cutlets was liked by your family :) Thanks a lot for sharing your comment here. Thank for the comment dear :). Make small balls with the mixture & roll into desired shapes. Onion – 1.5 – 2 cups, thinly sliced (Use pearl onions for extra taste) 5. Kallu Shappu (Kerala Toddy Shop) Style Beef Fry. I do freeze the cutlets for a month or so. It came out really well. Excellent recipe Maria.Very similar to what my wife makes.But ive never tried beef cutlet so I tried it and my wife loved it.Like I said I cant eat beef due to gout but I did taste it and was yumm!! I havent repeated the ingredients just for the sake of it. It was very nice. Combine the beef pieces with the other ingredients numbered 1. That was the only thing which didn’t have the perfection, but even that came out too good. Fry the cutlets on each side until golden brown. I had a disaster trying your recipe :-(. It’s a pleasure to know that these cutlets came out well for you :) Thanks a lot for the comment. Thanks. Thanks dear :) Instead of dipping the cutlets in egg, you can make a medium thick batter with palin flour (maida) and water. Great to know that the cutlets came out well for you. I’m just planning to make some for an upcoming party at home. I love cutlets! So clean and the pictures are so tempting. It is such a delight to try your recipies… Even to go through different ones.. Then once it is cooled I mince it in food processor. I already commented in some section that most of the esater dishes were prepared from your site.One of them was beef cutlet.It was so yummy.Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Excellent recipe Maria.Very similar to what my wife makes.But ive never tried beef cutlet so I tried it and my wife loved it.Like I said I cant eat beef due to gout but I did taste it and was yumm!! I was a resident of Bhrain long back. Add beef and continue frying for about 8 minutes, stirring continuously till beef mixture looks dry. Every recipe had come out well. But I served it with typical kottayam nasrani style salad ( Charlas) it’s an excellent combination. Beef Roast (Thattukada style) – From the streets of Kerala August 26, 2013 July 29, 2019 by vanyadhanya You haven’t really experienced the flavours of Kerala if you haven’t eaten at the innumerable thattukadas (street food stalls) that are scattered across the state especially on … . Can the print (without image) feature be added? I regularly make chicken biriyani, rava laddu and caramel custard at home based on your recipes. Thanks for dropping in and taking time to write to me. hi..i made it..all were happy to have to it..thnx for the was easy too!! I have never made Kerala food before, the most I ventured into Indian food was Butter Chicken. I accidentaly stumbled upon your blog checking for Chicken cutlets. Hi Maria I think its the excess breadcrumbs that gets settled in oil. Discover below the best of MariasMenu! Please do share your feedback here. i made these cutlets yesterday and they were excellent,I’ve never made chicken cutlets before and was really glad that they came out husband and kids enjoyed them. Thanks Nisha :) Hope you liked the cutlets and had a wonderful Easter too.. hi maria, Kerala Beef /Chicken/Mutton Cutlet- Kerala Style Meat Cutlet Cutlets are a very common food in Kerala kitchens-be it the chicken,beef or veg cutlets,every one enjoys this crispy snac ks .These are the best appetize rs for a party.They can be made in advance.There might not be a single christian house where this does not form a staple food. becoming hard core fan of ur blog………. Comments like these motivates me to try out more and more recipes :), also very happy to hear that you look forward for the updates in my site. Your version sounds yummy!! This blog is about all the best easy home made recipes you can prepare, from drinks to snacks to meals to BBQ, Chicken, Beef, Sausage, Pork. I’m no veteran either but I’ve noticed my mother in-law achieves that kind of fibrous texture by starting with beef chunks rather than minced beef like me. I tried ur cutlet recipe…it came out well….thanks dear, Nice to know that this recipe worked well for you. After cooling down, mince the beef. Thanks for trying the cutlets & also for the comment. Better late than never :) :), Thanks a lot for this blog of yours. We did dip them in egg white nd rolled them in crumbs, do you have any suggestions ??? i think if you mince the meat very fine , the cutlet becomes very soft and breaks apart when frying. Hey Maria!! Hi Maria, I think you will get around 12-15 cutlets, depending on the size. Heat oil in a pan ,add onion,green chilies,ginger and garlic.Saute until onion turns golden brown. Make small balls with the mixture & roll into desired shapes. Do you add the meat masala/garam masala twice in your cutlet recipe? Hope this helps.. heyy really good recipe…i loved d taste. Beat the egg white. Yes, first while cooking the beef and second while cooking the masalas. I did attempt making mutton cutlet once and even after mincing the meat looked lumpy n not thready ! Love your collection. It is a good finger food or starter or snack for Indian parties and festivals. It might take some time. Looking forward to many more such wonderful receipes! I have my sister in Bahrain. Thanks a lot…….. Beef roast/spicy Kerala beef ularthiyathu is one of the popular dishes among Kerala Christians.It is a special dish of of kottayam,usually made as a Sunday S pecial or for festive occasions. If you liked this, share this with your friends & family... Hey Maria, Was she using bread or any other starch to bind it together? Took me some time to figure out ur 2nd ingredient,3rd ingredient bit.Im not used to that style … You should fry it on high flame otherwise the cutlet will break. I think I can go on and on. Your recipe looks good hi maria, superb cutlets, i did my degree at St’Teresas and when you mentioned punchiri’s shop it bought back all my wonderful college day memories, Maria, Once I made the garam masala and I put too much cinnamon. I love it.I stay in Muttar place near Alappuzha and run a Homestay. Also you mentioned that chicken was not combining, the reason could be less amount of potato. Every time it came out excellent. Ginger, crushed […] Hi Maria, For deep frying the cutlets, the oil should be really hot. Toss in onion and curry leaves and fry till onion has softened. If you are not getting it correct at home, may be you can try readymade garam masala. Crunchy, Sweet n Spiced Gingerbread Cookies !! I tried to make it but after making desired shape and while frying the cutlet wud fall apart(after cooking the minsed chicken wudn’t stick together).What shud I do?Can u please give any tips? :) I also have a blog that I try to write in regularly, but with work it’s tough to keep up, but I post my recipes onto that whenever I get a chance. This is your one stop to the world of recipes. Since the wea ther has been so ''nice" to have something ho t and spicy we fed on this mouthwatering beef roast for 2 days and trust me it is always the best for the next day. Each time your recipes are a great success. Online menus, items, descriptions and prices for Kerala Kitchen - Restaurant - Carrollton, TX 75010 It came out really well This is the first time i am trying your beef cutlet recipe.I have tried many other recipes of yours. It has been almost 4 or 5 years since I tried your first recipe. its my experimental kitchen… so time to improvise.! I dont have a specific measurement for these, I just eyeball the qty. It was superb…. Sorry to hear that this recipe didnt work for you. Seer/King Fish (Ney Meen) Cutlet or fish patties is a crunchy and spicy seafood treat from Kerala, India. I’ve seen some people using soaked bread slices instead of potato to make cutlets. I havent tried making cutlets with raw mince, but I guess you can do that.. Hi Maria, I tried using ground chicken. Thank you so much for sharing your feedback here. Thanks Sapna… i miss those wonderful days at STC… , which year did you pass out? Combine mashed potato and beef … Loved ur recipe.. Pulse/shred beef in the small jar of a mixie or food processor in 1 -2 batches. Whenever I feel low & want to try something exciting at home, I try cooking something from your blog. Cook the beef (in pressure cooker) with salt, pepper pdr and turmeric pdr till it turns tender. The oil wasnt hot enough. From that you can figure out the consistency that is required. Dip the cutlets in that batter and roll in bread crumbs. Good to know that you have cousin in Mutttar. The reasons for cutlet breaking up can be: 1. Couple of questions before I dive in deep into the execution: Allow the mixture to cool. However we still need to change the old recipes to the new format. Add chopped ginger, green chillies and curry leaves. It’s first time i am visiting ur blog. Hi Maria. Please keep trying & share your feedback :). is there any way to avoid this?? Thanks for your encouraging words. Add salt, pepper powder & garam masala. Good to know that you’ve liked the recipes tried from here, thank you :). Then add the minced meat and mix well. Beat the egg white. I use Indian beef. I used to live on these during my college days ;) Also, these days I always have a packet of ready to fry beef cutlets in my freezer. Add in the pepper powder and mix well. recipes look so good, and i tried this chicken cutlet, came out good. I’ve tried a few dishes and they’ve all come out well. I am trying out beef cutlet recipe today.. if it comes out well I am planning to keep as starters for Christmas.. * I have observed that in the beef cutlets dished out by veterans the meat tends to have a very ‘thready’ consistency, any tips on how this can be achieved? Thanks a lot. Dip each cutlet in egg white & roll with bread crumbs. I think if we make it a bit more larger it can be used s a burger patti.. can we?? thanks for bringing back the memories.I liked ur site a lot.Way to go. , how many cutlets does this recipe yield ? I salute you. what is the family name? Yum! that was a great recipe, the cutlets turned out to be delicious, I am so happy, made my day :)))) looking forward to your other recipes :). Like Beef Cutlet, it also a good finger food or starter or snack for Kerala/Indian parties and festivals.You can prepare fish Cutlets with any firm fish meat.From my experience Seer/king Fish gives you a perfect and tasty cutlets. I tried ur recipe many times . You can also use mixie to do the mincing. It really didn’t make much difference in taste; but made a lot of difference in reducing the effort. Last few days have been stunningly busy, at the same time quiet, with much uninterrupted privacy. :D. hiiiiiiiiiiii maria so nice easy way off ur cooking style. They’re tried, tasted and trusted by over 125,000 smart cooks. It tastes ok. Once it is cooled add mashed potatoes & mix well. Run the cutlet through the flour, then egg and then put on a hot frying pan (add the cooking oil just before putting your cutlets to fry). While sauteing the onion or before that, add the meat or garam masala and saute for another few seconds. Tender chunks of beef are slow-roasted with aromatic spices, coconut pieces (thenga kothu) and curry leaves to make this classic Kerala style beef fry. thanks for ur recipies and ur interesting blog. Serve hot with tomato ketchup. I tried ur recipe of dragon chicken and it was a hit..Thankyou so much.Love, Thanks a lot for your comment :) I’m specially thrilled to know that your lil girl likes the recipes. Please do check out the tuna cutlet recipe in the site, there I’ve given step by step instruction with pictures. You are welcome dear! The best combination with beef roast is a side of Kerala Porottas; a layered flat bread made with flour. Hey Maria, I have tried making cutlets but it’s not perfectly shaped and tend to break..Kindly suggest as to how we can prepare for perfect shaped cutlets?? :o :D, Thanks Keerti :) I think 3 cutlets is more than enough per person, if you know what I mean ;), wow!! Pls check out Crush or grind ginger and garlic. 1. Add in the chopped shallots and saute till it becomes soft. That’s my best guess. Dec 19, 2017 - Explore Um Ali's board "Beef cutlets" on Pinterest. hi,i tried the receipe&it was very nice.thank u. 2. Happy cooking! Giving credit won’t hurt :). tried chkn cutlet today. I’m so happy to know that it came out well for you. Once onion turns light brown, add ginger-garlic mixture to it. feel like picking up one and also the other one :). :). Now add the minced meat and blend it well. Thank you very much :) Nice to know that you’ve liked the recipes posted here. Thanks for visiting my blog. Not too impressed – you have repeated ingredients/processes and anyway, you fail to mention how to maintain the consistency of the cutlets while dipping in egg etc, to ensure it does not crumble. Make sure the oil is hot enough otherwise the cutlets may break. Good to know that cutlets came out well for you. Came across your site while scrambling around the net looking for that magical beef cutlet receipe :) looks like I have found just what I needed ! I will try again…lots of thanks for the recepie…hope u doing well chechii………..looks entirely different from the pics in this site…. Thanks a bunch for your kind words. Those were the days. Cook minced beef with 1/4 tsp turmeric powder ,salt to taste and sufficient quantity of water.If any liquid remains,cook over low heat until it is dry. For the aged, cutlet is a relief and they can chew well, especially if the beef is not tender. I think you’ll get around 15-20 cutlets, depending on the size of the cutlets. Spicy Kerala Style Beef Curry Recipe : https://w. Btw, sorry for the delayed reply, I was on a small break. Beef mappas is a Kerala style beef curry with thick coconut milk. I am an ex teresian (GS 1996) and we used to bunk class in name of election to eat cutlets and drink the lemonade at Punchiri’s. The shaped cutlets can be stored in the freezer for a month. Heat the oil at highest flame initially & then bring it to medium – high position & fry the cutlets. I guess your cutlets crumbled while dipping because the qty of potato was less & so the mixture couldnt come well to hold the shape. And I tried out the 5 mins cake. Add the cooked beef, garam masala, and pepper powder, stir well until the gravy is completely dry and becomes dark in color. Sharing Is Caring! god bless u . Thanks for trying them :), i tried this recipe today :) and since am a starter in cooking, i got so much of appreciatons:) thank u soooo much for ur recipes :), Great to know that your chicken cutlets were a hit. Drain excess water. See more ideas about tasty videos, cooking recipes, yummy food. I tried out the cutlet….it came out really great :))))) Thank you!! Good to know that chicken cutlets came out well for you… thanks for the comment! Thanks a ton!! Nadan Beef Curry Recipe Ingredients (Serves 5) 1. Hi Maria, would you freeze it before coating the cutlet with eggs white and bread crumbs? I tried out this recipe .. Thanks a lot. Hey Maria: Bring it to room temperature before frying. Find only the best cooking recipes, hand selected by Maria. More than the recipe it was Punchiri’s name that made me write this comment. Beef Cutlet/ബീഫ് കട് ലെറ്റ്‌ (Indian Style Beef/Meat Cutlet) is a crunchy and crispy meat treat from Kerala, India. Cutlet Preparation: Heat 2 tablespoon of oil in a pan. Cook the potatoes, peel the skin, mash them and keep it aside. Beef – 600 – 700 gm, cubed (Organic beef or beef chuck roast preferred) 2. Isnt it good, that you can make ahead these snacks and freeze it for later? Add minced chicken. The same ingredients are added in different stages & hence its repeated. and it came out really good..are u from kerala???? Once it is cooled add mashed potatoes & mix well. I must say your recipes are exceptionally good & I always look forward to an update email from your side. Kerala Beef Cutlet is a popular snack in Kerala Cuisine, a favorite with all age groups. Asian school in Bahrain is theirs. i will pass the compliments to him :). Hi, the recipe is really good. Just had to sauté a little longer for the chicken to cook and loose the juice from the chicken. Thanks a ton dear! I’m not very sure how the cutlet was rolled into shape without using potato. Fish biriyani and beef fry are the other two items I remember trying out from here. Thank you so much Howard :) Great to know that your family enjoyed it.. hi maria. Hi Maria This way of cooking beef is very popular among the Syrian Christian community of Kerala. Yes, you can cook the beef in pressure cooker. Tried your recipe and worked out well. Thanks Hemand :) You can change the size to suit your requirements. Thanks Sarika for trying it out and letting me know your feedback. But I’m not sure whether it will suit your requirement. I was all set to post a chammanthi recipe, like I promised here. R. If you are still in the mood to bake something but. My name is Cathy. This is our favorite recipe too. I havent tried cooking with pork yet. hi maria Good to know that we have a Bahrain connection :) One of my cosuins is from Muttar.. I’m doing good dear, thanks :) Nice to know that you like the recipes posted here.