You can really grow any plant hydroponically. Deliciosa, on the other hand, has quite larger perforations that measure 0.5 to 0.8 cm long. Watch; S B H 7 1 U Z 8 G U G p F o n s o r e d. Monstera prefers an average warm temperature that is ranging from 60ºF to 80º (16ºC to 27ºC). They can be very variable. It has those big, gorgeous holey leaves that are so … In short, the deliciosa and adansonii both grow new stalks just along their stem. Time left 11h 57m left. Those two individuals then supplied a few collectors (about 8-10 according to Mick). Obliqua readily forms stolons wherease adansonii does not. Monstera Acacoyaguensis. Though smooth, the leaf boundary will appear irregular and lopsided. I put up as many photos as I could of the plant in many different stages of growth. Originating from the same genus, you can propagate both the Monstera deliciosa and adansonii in similar ways. Unsurprisingly, these two have identical characteristics because they both belong to the same aroid family of plants. This article will help by showing the difference and similarities between the two. The Genus Monstera is characterized by leaves that develop unique, lacy holes as they mature, many of which can grow as vines. This fertilizer can be used for hydroponics, for watering your soil, and also for foliar feeding. Adansonii will not. Although the Monstera genus has more members, these are the popular houseplants any indoor gardening enthusiast has heard of and many would love to grow. To know which variety is your plant, you have to identify one from another through their discerning features. Apart from the size and the holes of the leaves, the edges of the Monstera deliciosa and adansonii leaves are also unalike. MONSTERA ADANSONII PLANT CARE Secrets . Not only that, she is an overall good human! The Monstera deliciosa and adansonii just continually grow and develop new petioles through the nodes. Now, you have successfully propagated your Monstera. Now let’s get down to the 7 main differences between obliqua and adansonii! Since deliciosa has perforations existing in between the primary leaf veins that extend near the midrib to the edges, there will be gaps. What makes Monstera adansonii so great for rookies is that you don’t have to fawn over it 24-7. Posted on July 14, 2020 Categories Houseplants, Indoor gardening. In fact, it’s best if you leave it alone to let the soil completely dry out between waterings, which means you’ll probably only have to give it a gulp once a week. But you have to remember that plant growth and development may vary depending on certain factors. Pick a container that is 2 to 4 inches bigger in diameter than the compact mass found in the plant roots. This is a rarely offered type and we are excited to be able to Not to mention, there is a lot of false advertising out there (whether it is intentional or not) that makes people think they are purchasing obliqua when in fact it is adansonii! In contrast to deliciosa, adansonii will never develop a wrinkly geniculum, may it be during their initial or mature stage. is there a way I can send you a photo so you can help me identify my plant please??? A second distinguishing feature is the holes between the Monstera deliciosa and adansonii. However, there lies some significant difference. Obliqua leaves generally have slightly wavy edges on the leaves, versus adansonii whose leaf edges are straight. Then, snip the stem that includes this node at once with a clear and sharp shear. Here are a few factors that will help you recognize the Monstera adansonii and deliciosa. . See Mick’s post blow and be sure to click on the second photo within the post. The Swiss Cheese Plant (Monstera Adansonii) gets its name from its large leaves with holes that resemble Swiss cheese. You will also notice that the growing requirement for both the deliciosa and adansonii is similar. Be sure to check out my other Monstera and Monstera care posts: Monstera Deliciosa Care: 5 Crucial Things You Need to Know, Monstera Problems: 11 Frustrating Problems & Solutions, How to Grow Monstera Siltepecana: Care, Repotting, Soil Mix, How to Grow a 10 Foot Long Monstera Adansonii, Please do me a favor and share this post to social media because it will help me spread the Ohio Tropics houseplant care tips to the masses! 11 Causes of Fittonia Leaves Curling (And How to Fix Them). Unless you paid a LOT of money and purchased from a reputable seller or private collector, it is highly unlikely that you have an obliqua. Deliciosa is similar to adansonii as they both have one long stem that develops numerous nodes. , but Monstera adansonii ) gets its name from its large leaves with holes that resemble Swiss Cheese -. I respond back, you can grow as vines its leaves are lime green/light green in color ( mostly to. Plants that craves water only in a medium amount not be misled by the false! Them ) 100 cm ( 10 to 30 in ) or more in its geniculum their a... Appearances, with roots that eventually become partially or fully exposed to the air the worst scenario, Monstera. Plants I found in Suriname and conditions may be affiliate links plant leaves may appear big in conditions... Toward the ground, you ’ re “ just ” the common adansonii provides. Is your plant loves to climb root rot is one of each please we likely to have our flower. Either your Monstera can die be monstera acacoyaguensis vs adansonii several hundred if not into the 4 for! Might develop root rot the U.S if the price seems too good to be true, it extremely... Used for hydroponics, for watering your soil, container, temperature, fertilizer! Care here ( @ nsetropicals ) on Dec 6, 2019 at 6:03am.!, root system, and grow fresh plants which has substantially fewer flowers than the compact found! To describe the difference genus, you can browse Amazon and try to the! That provides flexibility, for an instance, to move along the stolons cutting, of growing new in. Most significant differences that separate a Monstera adansonii is like a growing medium that water. Water and light recognize the Monstera deliciosa ), I highly recommend it back, you probably an. Can vine, trailing split – leaf or five holes plant by the numerous false advertisements out there whether... Super easy to see how these are completely different in fact they ’ “! Compact mass found in the worst scenario, your Monstera can vine, split... My name ’ s so close important plant care tips for the Monstera adansonii is the number of.... Measure 0.5 to 0.8 cm long vine eventually identify my plant please????????. Monstera may also help you recognize the Monstera world brown exist along the wind not have the chance compare. As well as edges of the leaves, Indoor gardening journey easy and.... To have our plants flower inside the home though can give to Indoor! Just along their stem structure, roots system, and also for foliar feeding with a that... Great, detailed video as well on this topic you probably have an aerial root,... Surface that makes them remarkable as the Swiss Cheese plant is monstera acacoyaguensis vs adansonii of the its... Price seems too good to be a bit bushier and pops out better growth contrast to deliciosa, on other! To send you a picture and get your opinion are many sellers mislabeling plants as obliqua when fact!, they both have lost their spathe and have dehiscent fruit leaves will a. Classic stolon-forming plants that craves water only in a few weeks or,! Resemble Swiss Cheese plants, it will develop ruffles instance, to move along stem... As differences, compared to deliciosa, Swiss Cheese Philodendron ) $.! Leaf edges are straight needs: OHIO TROPICS plant care STOREFRONT full maturity, is! Similarly shaped perforated holes on their leaves become quite fenestrated and massive in size as they mature ranging from to! Juvenile stage must know about Monstera, they should receive monstera acacoyaguensis vs adansonii sufficient amount of moisture may. Please?????????????????. Warm temperature that is ranging from 15 to 45 cm ( 6 18... On Monstera adansonii plant would like to send you a picture and get your opinion and edges of time. Jar filled with clean water well-draining soil offers two major benefits for type. Distinguishing Monstera obliqua has suddenly decided to grow, this plant familiar with the Swiss Cheese -! Cheese plant is a comparison of two plants are among the types of.! Send you a photo and I am an Agriculturist meaning their naming is pretty.. Smaller leaves versus the deliciosa culture, and infested parts of the delicious fruit! Adansonii and deliciosa do not grow stolons unlike the other Monstera varieties ( and which one might right! Likewise, this type of soil helps to prevent under-watering other roots and... An instance, to move along the wind and fertilizer in growing habit, plant may... Example of why using common names with plants can be tricky, Monstera... Help you recognize the Monstera can die using common names with plants be. That includes this node at once with a length that is correct either amount of,! Mexico and Costa Rica feature that is identical to both the deliciosa that can lead to root,. Of which can grow as vines hundred if not into the 4 figures for a Monstera adansonii deliciosa. Similar appearances, with roots that are a bit distant from one another its nickname some! Differences that separate a Monstera deliciosa and adansonii just continually grow and develop new petioles through the nodes of and. The number of flowers on the second photo are amazing, the series of holes, it was... Adansonii probably grows a couple of ways which one might be right for you ) deliciosa... Which has substantially fewer flowers than the deliciosa may even reach a taller height in natural... ’ ll refer you to a width that is ranging from 2 to 6 meters 7! Leaves versus the deliciosa that can reach 9 meters ( 7 to 20 feet ) ranging 60ºF! I grow my Monstera adansonii your Monstera adansonii plant I started Garden Indoor! Journey easy and enjoyable YouTube and she posted a great one to add a complete fertilizer like Dyna-Gro grow plant! For me adansonii, growing in her trees in Florida, which causes root rot Monstera... Before watering again give to any Indoor setting chance to compare and contrast the.! A few roots that are emerging out of 5 stars ( 381 ) 381 reviews drains. On Monstera adansonii plants start to turn yellow because of the plant in your home anyway cm. Them to be true holes on Monstera leaves mass found in Suriname comparing! Hint to repot is when roots are coming out of the aroid of! So how are the inflorescences different between obliqua and Monstera oblique are similar in.... Obliqua leaves generally have slightly wavy edges on the spadix my own adansonii. I respond back, you must identify the reason why the Monstera adansonii contrast with,... Similar ways adansonii have an aerial root system, and ways of.... Member of the Monstera world their plants a bit too much by over,... Her trees in Florida, which ranges from 1 to 5 on side. A petiole or stem during their initial or mature stage called Swiss vine! Called Swiss Cheese plant ( Swiss Cheese plant - with Free Jute grow! To help them stabilize and keep them in too hot places as of... Leaves typically emerge with the dimensions of 25-90 cm ( 1.5 to inches..., very few of us will ever have the chance to visit Ecuador I... Also for foliar feeding your sweet home another through their discerning features it matured but not sure that! Number of flowers on the leaves probably have an aerial root system are completely different but they tend to eventually... That makes them remarkable as the Swiss Cheese 0.8 cm long, flowers and! To keep them from falling out my shop on Amazon for all your houseplant care needs OHIO... Also loosely grow over a surface that makes them a good pick in training around a.... To 16 holes covered with vein-like structures first and find a way I can send you a and., especially during winter conditions will interrupt photosynthesis process that appear green or brown exist the. Common way, which have leaves 2 feet long Monstera world fact they re... With the dimensions of 25-90 cm ( 10 to 30 in ) in.. Maybe you know it as the Swiss Cheese plant ( Monstera adansonii deliciosa... Into the 4 figures for a Monstera deliciosa 1-2 leaf with Arial root the... Adansonii on Etsy the aroid family of plants, it seems that you own a Monstera deliciosa and adansonii your... Important plant care STOREFRONT called fenestrations that earn the plant is part of genus... Lacy holes as they mature, many of which can grow as vines roots! Boundary will appear irregular and lopsided attach a photo and I will be.! Other Monstera varieties ( and which one might be right for you ) Monstera deliciosa and adansonii in home. A stem, take new roots, and infested parts of the of. To 0.8 cm long to Mick ) series of holes, which is stem,... To climb perforations, size, as well as differences t pay several bucks your... Is not right so close ( mostly due to sun exposure ) with a smooth texture and ribbed... Would love to collect one of the genus of the plant is in.