The most popular color? So the cycle continues and where can they go? There will be a vehicle in case any of the … | Contact for more information. A dedicated UK rescue to help the Forgotten Angels of Spain. Podenco Post A photo of this can be seen on our facebook page Wisbech Galgo and Podenco Rescue. Rick and Lesley Beauchamp are currently fostering all five on their Nottingham farm and are looking for loving homes for… The GPS tracking idea is great, I have been glued to it all morning! See more ideas about dogs, hunting dogs, ibizan hound. MOZAGA aged 18 months – We saw this girl when she was a fairly small puppy with her siblings but she was separated from them because she damaged one of her front feet. ABRILA, age 2, came to the UK earlier this year and is currently living in our kennels. There's hope yet for saving the galgos. PODENCOS FOR ADOPTION. « Spain's Catalonia bans bullfighting! We are a non profit organisation raising funds and finding homes for Spanish Galgos (Spanish Greyhounds) and Spanish Podencos (Spanish hunting dogs) We can be contacted by calling 01945 430311, 07717 217347 or by email to NO NO NO, no more breeding of the Podencos + Galgos, + if now bloody Crufts are showing Pods. Galgos (similar to Greyhounds), Podencos, Brittany Spaniels and other hunting breeds are callously used, abused and then discarded. address]. There's hope yet for saving the galgos. Spain - 25 abandoned dogs die in Badajoz province! PlayOnWurtz Galgos del Sol rescue podencos as well as galgos and bring them over to the UK. urchinTracker(); Write to the EU about the Spanish galgo massacre. ‏‎Galgos and Podencos in the UK‎‏ تحتوي على ‏‏٣٬٦٩٠‏ من الأعضاء‏. There are lots of Podencos available for adoption though. Beryl Brennan on 29 July 2010 in Adopt | Permalink. We cannot accept drop-in visitors. The charities may also get calls reporting sightings of dogs on the loose but often, by the time one gets to the location, the dog is gone. Most of these perfectly healthy, sweet natured, dumped dogs are under the age of … Galgos del Sol. The Galgo Español (Spanish galgo) or Spanish sighthound is an ancient breed of dog, specifically a member of the sighthound family.The English greyhound is possibly a descendant of the Spanish greyhound and, for several years in the 20th century, some breeders did cross-breed Galgos and Greyhounds in order to produce faster and more powerful Galgos, specifically for track racing purposes. Belgium & The Nederlands Within 2 days of arriving in the UK Agora wormed her way into the house and apart from her walks and toilet breaks she doesn’t leave her two favourite spots 1. in front of the Aga or 2. on a big comfy dog bed under the stairs! For more info just give me a call on 07717 217347 thanks Barbara. Another thing which worries me about them is that this year, at Crufts, the dog show in London, there was a class for Podencos. We will be having a tombola, raffle. Agora is quite small for a Podenco, has a thicker coat than most (good for the UK) and so far has displayed less of a hunting instinct than most of the Podencos we know. Unlike her sister she’s not such an escape artist but we’d still require a totally secure garden environment for her. GlobalP / Getty Images Common Health Problems . AGORA age 3 – We had a spare air ticket on a flight back to the UK as we had only chosen 3 Podencos (we try to bring 4 to spread the costs) so we asked the vet at SARA who she would like us to rescue and without a moments hesitation she smiled and said Agora! We will be having our Podenco's there and would love it if you could bring your dogs along (any breed) to join in with the celebrations. 86678000. We are a legally registered charity, G30856736, based in Murcia Spain! 23K likes. They have tattoos so their owner can be traced, so they cut off their ears, now even digging out the micro chip, so think very carefully all you 'dog lovers', get a rescued dog, do not pay a greedy breeder!!!! For more info please call Barbara on 07717 217347, 15 Classes to include best recue from abroad and best in show puppy, For more info call Barbara on 07717 217347, We will be holding a meet and greet at our charity shop, on Bambers Garden Centre, Old Lynn Road, Wisbech.